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Snacks for Students

Food Pantry for Schools

At Century Baptist Church, we believe no child should go hungry. Our Snacks for Students program is a community effort that helps support local schools’ food pantries.

Donate snacks, food pantry items, and meal kits to stock our local schools.

  • Snacks: Daily after-school pre-packaged grab-and-go items to help feed hungry students/li>
  • Food Pantry Items: Nonperishables, like canned goods or boxed meals, to supplement a family’s pantry
  • Meal Kits: Shelf-stable, easy-to-make, meals-in-a-bag with recipe instructions. Kids can whip up a satisfying meal on their own or with a little help from family.

How It Works

By donating snacks or creating meal kits, you’re directly helping local kids get the nutrition they need to succeed. Make a real difference in the lives of local students, especially those who are socially or economically disadvantaged. By providing nutritious snacks and easy meal options, we’re helping to ensure children have the fuel they need to focus on learning and growing.