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Nursery and Preschool

The Clubhouse Nursery and Preschool Ministry

This is the phase when your child is all about.

  • Am I safe? In the first year of life, a baby needs to know they are safe. When adults consistently respond to a baby’s needs, babies establish trust.
  • Am I able? When a toddler is one and two years old, they discover new abilities. When adults patiently allow toddlers to try new things, toddlers develop confidence.
  • Am I ok? When a preschooler is three or four, they learn a few rules and expectations. When adults set boundaries and discipline with love, preschoolers cultivate self-control.

Birth to 23 Months

Between diaper changes, snacks, and rocking, there are small windows of playtime that are an amazing opportunity to teach children that God made them and loves them.

Nursery Ministry
(during all Sunday services)

Baby Praise
(the first Thursday each month)

(parent-child dedication)

Age 2

Through hands-on activities that are designed to bridge the gap as toddlers move from the nursery into the preschool, children are introduced to our three basic truths: God made me; God loves me; and Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Sunday School
(during all services)

Family Experiences
(several times per year)

Ages 3 to Pre-K

Because we know that preschoolers learn best from someone who responds to them, we introduce them to the small group experience; where leaders can consistently embrace them for who they are, and help them to see God’s love in real and relatable ways.

Sunday School (during all services)

Family Experiences (several times per year)

Midweek Program (On Wednesdays for age 4 to PreK, Sept thru April)

Interested in Joining Our Team?

We’re always looking for new people to add to our team. Whether you are someone who loves to encourage pregnant mothers, or build relationships with kids, or interact with people, or just likes to be behind-the-scenes, we have a role for you! Youth (6th grade and older) to adults are welcome; and YES, that includes males! Fill out the interest form below and we will get in contact with you.

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Melanie Kost

Melanie Kost

Director of Preschool Ministry

Rachel Jungling

Nursery Coordinator

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