the basement

So the youth room is upstairs… but it’s called The Basement? 

"We strive to provide a place that helps students become radical disciples of Jesus Christ. In Acts 17 there were some young followers of Jesus who were changing the world. The accusation against them was that they were “turning the world upside down.” Our hope is that our student ministry would be a place that world changers would be equipped and sent out to do great things for Jesus Christ." 


High School ministry will be meeting offsite on March 27 to tour a Charle's Hall home! This is rescheduled from January 30th and there will be one tour at 6:00pm and one at 7:00pm. Leaders will contact group for which time their group will meet.


The Basement is waiting for us! High School (Grades 9-12): 7:30-9:00pm.


High School (Grades 9-12), 8:30am, CBC Room 134. Breakfast is served!

Roots in romania

We are excited to announce that Century High School ministry is headed to Romania this summer!

Below you will find the Info Cover Letter and Gateway team application for the trip.

  • Please read the Cover Letter first, and pray about this exciting opportunity
  • Your next step from there will be to fill out the application and return it by January 30th
  • All these details and others are explained in the Cover Letter


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at, (701) 891-1290 (c), or (701) 223-0478 (o)

Questions about our High School Ministry? Email Jason!

changing the world

Here at Century we are about getting outside of the walls of a building and caring for the people around us. Whether its helping to serve at a local shelter or building a camp in Africa, we are always involved in making a difference for Christ.

Century Baptist High School Ministry is here to partner with families who desire to see their young people grow to be like Jesus. Click here to receive updates on what is happening in the high school ministry!