The Elementary Ministry at Century Baptist was recently renamed KIDco. 

Our mission is "Making disciples one kid at a time." 

By sharing the Gospel with all children, teaching them to trust Jesus as Lord and Savior, training them how to use their Bibles, and modeling what it looks like to live like Jesus, we are shaping and molding children into disciples of Jesus.

Through the Elementary Phase children are faced with developmental changes that significantly impact the way they learn and understand their identity as well as their understanding of who God is. Because of these changes, we heavily emphasize three of our Eight Characteristics of a Disciple (Identity, Imitation, and Word) in ways that are developmentally appropriate for each specific age group. 

Our desire is for children to know that God's Word is true, that Jesus was the only sinless and perfect person, and that we need Jesus more than we need anything else in this life. 

  • Wednesdays (Kindergarten-5th grade)

    Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00pm (will resume Sept 4, 2019)
    Our favorite night of the week where children and leaders gather to connect, to worship, to learn God's Word, and to have fun!  Children are placed into small groups with a dedicated leader that will walk with them each night throughout the school year! 

    • Kindergarten through 3rd grade meet in small groups mixed Kdg-1st grade and 2nd-3rd grade. 
    • Preteens (4th and 5th Grade) are separated by gender and  meet separately from the Kdg-3rd grade group.
  • Sundays (4th-5th grade)

    Sunday School is provided for children who are in 4th- 5th grade. Our preteens meet at 8:30am on Sundays and they focus on discovering God through Scripture, fun games, and life application! Since class is not provided at 10:00am or 11:30am on Sundays, preteens are encouraged to join their families and sit together for a worship service.

  • Sundays (Kindergarten-3rd grade)

    Sunday School is provided for children who are in Kindergarten through Grade 3. Classes are offered during the 8:30am and 10:00am Sunday services, utilizing a “large group/small group” format!

Questions about our Elementary Ministry? Email Danelle!

Elementary Parents/Guardians: 

We believe the family and the church have the most potential to influence a student. The family and the church can do this on their own, but separately it is a limited influence.  When you combine these two influences, you’ll have a greater impact. The family and the church exist as a part of God’s plan of restoration and redemption. They work better together than alone.

A parent’s role is to lead and guide their child’s discipleship journey. Our role as a ministry is to resource and support the parent. The family and the church will partner together so that we can leverage our combined influence to disciple the next generation so they can disciple the next generation.

One way that we resource and support within the Elementary Ministry is through a weekly email update. This update includes a recap of the weekly lesson, an article hand selected for parents/guardians, and customized age appropriate resources designed to help you make the most of every moment you have with your children. Interested? Sign up below!