2020 Annual Business Meeting Process

In lieu of the postponed Annual Meeting of the Century Baptist Church Membership, the Elders recommend that we conduct the business required before the beginning of the new fiscal year (July 1) in the following manner. Thank you for your grace and flexibility during this time. 


Voting will happen between Sunday, June 21, and Sunday, June 28. There are two ways to vote; at the church or online. 


There will be an in-person meeting on the night of Sunday, June 28 at 6:00pm for those who wish to attend. 


If that does not work for you, ballots will be available at the info desk in the church foyer on Sundays June 21 and 28. You simply need to sign your name (confirming your membership) and complete the ballot.

Ballots will also be available at the church office during the week of June 22-26. 

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9am - 5pm

Tuesday 9am - 8pm


You may also vote online by clicking the link below. Please note, you will need to submit your name to confirm membership. 


Here is the information that will be on the ballot:

• Affirmation of Elders Rick Becker, Myron Cullen, and Rod Zimmerman. 

• Election of new Elders Steve Lockrem and Will MacDonald. 

• Affirmation of Deacons Duane Grubb (Finance), Rick Wahl (Missions), and Dave Mason (Personnel). 

• Election of new Deacon Knute Brock (Properties). 

• Approval of proposed budget for 2020-2021. 

• Proposition One: Approve of one-time deviation from the Constitution relating to the Annual Meeting processes including quorum and voting method. 

Explanation: the members are voting to allow the contents of the Annual Meeting to be distributed via printed packet, the voting to take place outside of an actual physical gathering, and the voting requirement for the passage of all measures to be 75% of the total ballots received. 

• Proposition Two: Approve of one-time deviation from the Constitution relating to the minimum number of sitting Elders to five (5), in lieu of the required seven (7)

Explanation: the members are voting to allow the Elder Board to function for the upcoming year with five members instead of the seven required by the constitution. 


All of the information that would have been presented at the Annual Meeting is in the packet that you have received. Please review the information, and submit any questions you may have by emailing or calling the church. We will respond to your questions as quickly as possible. 


Thank you again for your participation in this process, and for your partnership in the ministry of Century Baptist Church.