silent night video recording

Thanks for being willing to participate in this special Christmas Eve video!

Your video will be edited together with 10-12 other families also singing Silent night and will be the closing video for the Christmas Eve Online service AND will be used as the closing of the in-person Christmas Eve services as well. Again, thank you so much!

Here are some guidelines for filming:

1. Find a place where your faces will be well lit. Positioned with your faces facing a window is a good option for natural light.

2. Watch out for random noises that could be a nuisance: like a blowing heat vent, running dishwasher, etc.

3. Film in landscape (hold your phone the wide way, horizontal).

4. Sing along with the audio track (you can find it below under 'resources'). A lyric sheet is also included.

5. If you want to get creative and film in front of your Christmas tree or other Christmas decor, please do! I would love for these videos to ooze Christmas joy so if you have any Christmas props you would like to add, go for it! 

6. The upload link will be open until 11:00pm on December 15. Click the link to upload the video:


Audio track to sing along to

(Sing along to the audio track- it is ok to have this playing in the background of your video recording, please just don't have it super loud. I want your voices to be the prominent voices!)

Silent Night Lyric Sheet

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

You can get ahold of me (Tiah) at 701-426-9833.