Serving a Big GOd

July 4, 2019

As we finish our last day at camp we can confidently say God changed lives today. We saw the children's hearts soften and respond. Along with that, our own team members experienced the Lord in big ways. Pastor Paul ended the night speaking at the campfire and God worked through him. Looking back at the beginning of this trip we can see how our team has grown in relationship with each other and God. Today the students had a wonderful surprise! Our teenage translators from last week at Valea Lui Mihai drove over two hours to get to the camp this afternoon. They  stayed and visited for a couple hours. The students were thrilled! When having to say goodbye the teens stood in a circle and a couple of the translators starting singing My Lighthouse (one of the group's favorite song), the next thing you know everyone is singing together praising the Lord. One thing about this trip that I think surprised most of us is the amount of singing we do throughout the day. We love bursting out in song together, feeling the joy of the Lord. 

Day one of vbs

June 24, 2019

Hi  from Romania! Today was the start to our upcoming week of Vacation Bible School. The students were split into  two teams and assigned a location to host VBS. Each team led one in the morning and one in the late afternoon. They loved getting to know the children, singing songs with them, teaching them about Jesus, and playing games with them. They discovered how difficult a language barrier can be and greatly appreciate the teenage translators that are helping them. The students enjoy learning Hungarian words and phrases from the teenagers. We thank you for your prayers and ask you continue to pray as we continue serving the Lord together. 

First Day In romania!

June 23, 2019

We are just ending our first day with our sister church here in Romania. We participated in our first church service tonight. Pastor Paul preached, two of the students shared their testimonies, and we led two worship songs. We were able to get a mini tour of the town from the pastor of the church. The students have been blessed to meet multiple teenagers their age who also speak English. They have had a fun time getting to know each other and start making memories  that will last a lifetime. We praise God for a great start to this journey. 

we made it!

June 22, 2019

After a long day (or so) of travel, we made it to Budapest, Hungary! It was great to be greeted by our friends, Paul and Tanya Gericke who are NAB Missionaries at Camp Falcon Rock.  We are grateful for easy travel-no delays and no missing luggage.  Tomorrow morning, we will head across the Hungary/Romania border to go to Valea lui Mihai to join our sister church for lunch and church in the evening. Thank you for praying for us! 


A team of High School students and youth leaders will be in ministering alongside churches in Valea lui Muhai and Camp Falcon Rock. 

Stay tuned for updates!

Prayers for the children

July 3, 2019

Today we had a blessed day serving one another as we get our strength and energy from the Lord. Three students (Rachel, Abby and Greg) shared their testimony at the campfire tonight. Sharing your personal story can be very frightening and outside your comfort zone, but all three of them willingly explained what God did in their own lives. Seeds are being planted in the children and we ask you pray for their response as the final full day of camp is tomorrow. We have one more day to love the children here and let them know God sees them, God loves them, they matter, and they belong. We are trusting in the Lord to give us energy for tomorrow. We are so thankful for all the prayers being sent our way and ask you don't stop now!

camp day 2

July 2, 2019

Today we had another busy day at camp. The sun was out so the kids loved playing water games to cool down. Jason gave us a wonderful reminder this morning from the verse 1 Peter 4:11. We were reminded that as we serve, it should be with strength God provides. As we are nearing the end of our trip our initial energy is depending greatly on God. We know where we get our strength as we finish serving in this beautiful country. We are grateful to God for the kiddos at this camp and want to lead them to the best of our ability, for His glory. 

starting off the week

July 1, 2019

We just completed our first full day of camp! There are a a total of 17 campers this week, 5 girls and 12 boys. We have been busy working hard, helping in whatever way we can. Again, the language barrier is a struggle when meeting new kids, but we see God work in beautiful ways to connect people. We love ending the night at the campfire looking over the majestic view. We sing songs together, both Hungarian and English. It's a beautiful thing to soak in the fact we are half way across the world, singing the same song, but in different languages praising the same God. 

update coming soon!

June 30, 2019

Our WiFi was down last night.  We'll post an update later today. Thank you for praying for us! 

camp Time!

June, 29 2019

We made it to Camp Falcon Rock! We are so excited to spend the next week helping around the camp. We have split the team up between camp counselors, game directors, craft leaders, worship team, and the serving team. Today we found out we are apart of their first ever kids camp. The cabins were officially finished yesterday. We are so excited to be here on their very first year and ready to form new relationships with the translators and kids that will come to camp tomorrow. 

family of believers

June 28, 2019

Today was a bittersweet day for everyone here as it was our last full day in Valea lui Mihai. We had a wonderful day of fellowship with our host church. We got to visit a shoe factory, which is where many of the members of the church work. After that we had a barbecue together. The food  here in Romania has been more than we could have ever asked for or imagined and there is always more than enough for seconds. We ended our night having to say goodbye to our translators. It was a very sad time and crazy to think how close everyone grew in only one week. Tomorrow we are heading off to Camp Falcon Rock to help serve there. We are so thankful for the relationships God has blessed us with. We feel like a family that came together from halfway across the world. Praise God! 

Spreading the gospel

June 27, 2019

We have officially finished leading VBS for the week. Today God blessed us with rain! The past couple days  have been extremely hot, the rain was very refreshing. The rain and lightning forced us to stay inside. We strongly believe that was a blessing in disguise. It allowed us to stay in the chapel and not get as distracted by soccer and water games. It kept the kiddos in one place and they were able to hear the gospel, while having fun! The children heard about Jesus multiple times today. We ask you continue to pray for those who understood and responded and all the seeds that were planted. 

Tuesday/wednesday recap

June 25 + 26, 2019

These past two days have been busy busy! VBS is going fantastic. We love pulling up to the VBS locations and seeing a crowd of kids eager to begin. Tomorrow is an important day as we wrap it up and present them with the gospel. Please pray for their response. We had a Wednesday night church service and Jason DuPaul spoke for the congregation. We also led songs and shared testimonies. The church here is selfless and we can learn a lot from them. We are serving each other while serving the community. We are continuing to grow in relationship with our translators. They are very patient with helping us as we teach the children Bible stories.