Technical team

For more information about serving on the Technical Team, contact Ethan!

Stage Team- Help us take the creative vision for the worship center platform from concept to completion, and keep a friendly, clean, and current atmosphere going.

Audio Tech- Operate the sound board, troubleshoot the audio system and components, and work to create a distraction free environment for a variety of services and events.

Presentation Tech- Run the computer that drives lyrics, announcements, and sermon slides.

Lighting Tech- Change lighting cues during services and learn how to design an atmosphere with lights.Stage Hand - Assist the AVL techs in setup and troubleshooting.

Video Tech- Operate a video camera and learn how to run our video systems.

Video Editor- Take the video footage we’ve recorded and mold it into a clip that engages and impacts the viewer. Sermon footage, interviews, and special projects.

IT Team- Help us maintain and plan the technological infrastructure here at Century. Network and server maintenance, computer setup and troubleshooting, and assorted special projects. Technology moves fast and we need varied points of view on the best direction to proceed.

Carpenter- Help us build things! Storage, AVL carts, set pieces, and special projects. We have many growing opportunities to use your skill set.

Welder/Machinist- We need special items put together, and skilled people to make it happen. May involve work on set pieces and collaboration with a carpenter.

General Labor- On occasion we just need bodies to help. It could be setting up a room or moving items to new locations. Sometimes we just need a grunt. 

Special Skills- Bring us your unique abilities. We’re always looking for creativity, better and more efficient ways to do things, and you might do something we don’t even know we need yet! Cutting out large foam pieces, drone videography, we want to know about your skill.