1st impressions team

For more information about serving on the 1st Impressions team, contact Becky or Paul Herr!

Café Host– Providing hospitality and a warm welcome to the guests and family of Century Baptist by preparing and serving coffee and donuts on Sunday mornings. A team of 4 serves each week during the first and second service on a monthly rotation. A separate team of 2 serves each week during the third service on a monthly rotation.

Usher– Assist the pastors in the execution of the worship services at Century Baptist Church. Serving the church family through greeting, providing bulletins and helping people find a comfortable seat as they prepare to worship God. It’s more than collecting the offering; it is developing an atmosphere of welcome, expectation and meeting people’s needs so they are not distracted from worshipping God.

Information Desk– Teams of 4 people helping guests and church family member find their way in the facility and the information they seek. Warmly encountering all people providing them with answers and in some cases finding the answer and getting back to them (hey, no one can know everything☺). Teams serve during the first and second service on a monthly rotation or serve one Sunday a month during third service.

Door Greeters– A first point of contact with guests and church family members by sharing a smile, warm welcome and opening the door as they enter our building. Serve one Sunday a month during the first and second worship services or serve one Sunday a month during third service. 

Greeter– As people step into our building, we make eye contact and warmly welcome them to Century. We let them know we are glad they came and avail ourselves to answer any questions people may have. This may include escorting people to a particular room or area if needed. Serve one Sunday a month during the first and second worship services or serve one Sunday a month during third service. 

Parking Lot Attendants– helping people find a place to park and being the first to welcome them to Century Baptist Church

Community Life Group Leaders– Lead and facilitate a small group in getting to know one another, studying the Bible, praying together and serving others from time to time in our community.

Bible Study Leaders– Lead and facilitate a group of men or women in Bible study, prayer and building friendships with one another.

Missional Community Leaders– Leading a group of people passionate about serving our community by helping them grow in their faith through the study of Scripture, prayer, building friendships, and developing relationships with non-believers. 

Missional Community and CLG Coach– working with 4-5 leaders on continued development of their leadership and facilitation of their Missional Community or Community Life Group.

Starting Point facilitator/teacher– Leading, facilitating and teaching a small group of new believers in Jesus, those interested and seeking to know more about God and Jesus and those who have returned to church after a number of years away using the Starting Point material.

Teachers– desiring to communicate Biblical truth in a personable and relevant manner relating to various needs and understanding of Century Baptist Church’s doctrine relating to baptism, parent and child dedication, church membership and spiritual growth as disciples of Jesus.

Financial Counselor– having the heart of a teacher and using Biblical principles of financial stewardship, financial counselors desire to walk with individuals and couples needing guidance in using their finances as their resource rather than living as a slave to their money, debt and creditors. 

Grounded Leadership– Be part of the college and young adult ministry leadership team leading a specific area of the ministry (i.e. Bible Study leader, outreach, environments, social) for college age students and those in their 20’s. 

Hospitality Team– Desiring to provide an environment of warmth and care, hospitality team members bake bars and cookies, provide meals to families in need, as well as serve for funeral and special events happening in the church. You can bake, cook a meal, serve or do all three. There are three teams that take turns as events arise. 

Care and Visitation– Meet with individuals from our church family who are unable to get out due to various health needs. Once every 3 months Care and Visitation team members provide companionship by visiting our shut-in’s helping them stay connected to their church family. 

Marriage Mentor Couples– Husband and wife teams willing to invest in the lives of a couple desiring to learn about successful marriages, what it takes to have one, how to get there and the necessary work required. Mentor Couples work with another couple for a length of time agreed upon by both parties.